March Madness

Metrel DeltaPAT Starter Kit
This Metrel starter kit comes with everything you'll need to start testing and tagging, including the highly popular DeltaPAT 3309 BT appliance tester.
The all new Wavecom TnP-500 is an extremely popular all-in-one kit, making it well suited for high volume testing or for people testing multiple sites and locations. It'll automate your entire test and tag process from start to finish, thereby increasing your overall productivity and quickening your testing procedure.
The TnP-500W is a fully automated test and tag system that's designed for large volume testing. It's similar to the TnP-500, but also includes an additional wireless scanner.
Heavy Duty Tags Special - 5 Packets
This package includes 500 Heavy Duty Self Laminating Test Tags, available in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Black. Perfect for anyone working in Construction, Mining or Demolition. *Excludes Custom Test Tags