PAT Tester Calibration

Calibration Service Infographic

It is recommend that your appliance tester is re-calibrated every 12 months. This helps ensure it functions properly and provides accurate readings, as well as being a requirement of the Australian Standards.


For information on Portable Appliance Tester Calibrations and prices, contact our staff on 1300 656 938.

Appliance Testing Supplies offers a calibration service for most Portable Appliance Testers with a very fast turnover time.

As stated in the AS/NZS:3760:2010:

"The equipment required to carry out the tests detailed in this Standard (AS/NZS 3760) should be subjected to routine verification at regular intervals to ensure it is working correctly and its accuracy is maintained."

Please note: ensure that only the unit being calibrated is sent in. Any additional leads, cases or packaging delivered may incur additional freight charge for return delivery. Also make sure that all data is downloaded and saved from the unit, as this may be lost during the calibration process. Appliance Testing Supplies will not be held responsible for any loss of data during the calibration process.

If you'd like more information on calibrations, read our guide on PAT Tester Calibrations.