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Test Tags

Appliance Testing Supplies manufactures its own test and tag labels using the highest quality materials, which is all 100% Australian made and owned. You'll find that our electrical test tags offer unmatched quality and durability when compared to the rest of the market.

We have a complete selection of test tags that range in strength and colours, along with special purpose tags for appliances that are new to service, failed items, RCD's etc. Most importantly all of our tags conform to the test and tag requirements of AS/NZS 3760. We also supply a full range printable tags for people that use a test and tag printer and custom made tags ones for people who want their logo on the tag.

Light Duty Test Tags
Light Duty Test Tags are an economical solution for large volume testing in protected, low traffic areas. These tags are non-laminated but very tear resistant.
Heavy Duty Test Tags
These Heavy Duty Test Tags feature a unique self laminating PVC security flap to protect the printed information. They are also constructed from Cross-Laminated High Density Polyethylene, giving them superior tear resistance.
Industrial Test Tags
Our Industrial Test Tags are one of the strongest self adhesive tags on the market and were specially formulated for harsh environments. They come with a unique easy clip that helps secure the tag in place for extra durability.
New to Service Tags
New to Service Tags are specifically used for items that are new to service and which require testing and tagging in the future. They are highly tear resistant and have a unique self-laminating PVC security flap to protect the printed information.
Customised Test Tags
Customised test tags are an easy time-saving solution to help avoid writing each tag individually. Instead, each tag comes with pre-printed data that you can choose, while also being highly effective at promoting your business. We offer custom designed test tags in Light Duty, Heavy Duty and Industrial Strength. Please note that same day delivery does not apply to custom test tags.
Failed Test Tags
Failed Test Tags are used for items that have failed a test and therefore needs to be withdrawn from service and tagged so it is not used.
Large RCD Test Tags
If you have an appliance tester with RCD testing capabilities or an RCD Tester, RCD tags are ideal for test identification.
Small RCD Test Tags
If you have an appliance tester with RCD testing capabilities or an RCD Tester, RCD tags are ideal for test identification.
Surface Mount PASS Tags
These small-sized Surface Mounted Test Tags were specially designed for items where the other standard Test Tags are too large.
Second Hand Equipment Test Tags
These Second Hand Test Tags are ideal for customers selling second hand electrical equipment. Each pack of 100 tags are supplied with a marker pen and meet the AS/NZS5761:2011 Standards.
Hi Vis Failed Tag
High Visibility Failed Tags are used to indicate failed items clearly as a 'Failed Item' and ensures the safety of users.
Flag Tag Industrial Strength
These Flag Test Tags is the strongest and most durable tag available on the market, used primarily for heavy industrial use and the mining sector. Tags are supplied in packets of 100.
Wrap Around Barcode
Barcode Labels are an easy way to identify leads and appliances in an inconspicuous way.
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