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Trisan is an Australia manufacturer of Portable Appliance Testers that reside in South Australia, known for building the Trisan S8 and SafeTcheck PAT Testers. They're known for creating durable and strong appliance testers that accomodate Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760. Trisan has been around for over 20 years and also supply other electronic products and power supplies.

Trisan S8 DL
This Trisan S8 DL appliance tester is similar to Trisan S8 but comes with internal memory that can be downloaded to the PC, thus making data recording a whole lot easier. The Trisan S8 DL is a reliable and compact unit that is battery and mains operated, comes in a heavy-duty case for greater protection and is ideally used by people that require flexibility.
Trisan S8 DL Starter Pack
The Trisan S8 DL is a rugged and durable tester with an improved feature that enables fast data recording. This Trisan S8 DL Starter Kit includes everything you'll need to start testing and tagging straight away.
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