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Metrel is a European manufacturer that produce a range of electrical testing equipment. 

The Metrel Test and Tag Machines are stylish, robust and comprehensive, while being known to be highly reliable. A huge positive for Metrel is they are ideal for anyone to use - from novice through to the expert test and taggers.

From the Metrel range, the DeltaPAT 3309 BT is their most popular Portable Appliance Tester. Our packages start with a standalone DeltaPAT tester, then move up from there to include important add-ons such as heavy duty cases, printers and tablets to quicken the test and tag process. There are also packages that come included with test tags and other vital accessories.

With all Metrel testers, lifetime technical support is provided from our team of test and tag experts.

Metrel DeltaPAT Starter Kit
This Metrel starter kit comes with everything you'll need to start testing and tagging, including the highly popular DeltaPAT 3309 BT appliance tester.
Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT
The DeltaPAT 3309 BT is an extremely powerful appliance tester that contains a large selection of unique features which will make testing and tagging an easy process. It's capable of conducting every test you'll need and can be easily used by people of all skill levels.
DeltaPAT 3309 Tradie Kit
The DeltaPAT 3309 Tradie Kit has been specifically tailored for tradies wanting an easy and cost-effective way to test and tag.
DeltaPAT and Zebra Printer
By using the DeltaPAT 3309 BT together with the Zebra TPL Printer, you'll be able to print test tags on the spot, saving you plenty of time and effort.
DeltaPAT & Godex Bluetooth Printer
Speed up your testing and tagging process with the new Godex Printer and DeltaPAT 3309 BT Tester. Connect the printer and tester via Bluetooth and print tags on the spot.
DeltaPAT BT & Zebra Complete
The Metrel DeltaPAT Complete offers the ultimate printing solution. You'll be able to connect your DeltaPAT 3309 tester, Zebra printer and Android device all together with Bluetooth connectivity.
DeltaPAT & Godex Complete Kit
The new Metrel DeltaPAT Complete Kit now comes with the updated Godex Label Printer. You'll be able to connect your DeltaPAT 3309 tester, Android Device and Godex Printer together via Bluetooth connectivity.
Delta Pro Print Pack
The Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack offers an advanced Portable Appliance Testing solution and a large number of highly unique features that will transform the way you test and tag (TABLET NOT INCLUDED).
Metrel OmegaGT XA MI 3360
The OmegaGT XA MA 3360 is an advanced PAT Tester that's designed for people that require full testing capabilities and record keeping.
Delta Pro Print Pack & Tablet
The Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack offers an advanced Portable Appliance Testing solution. This package now comes with the Android Tablet Included!
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