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Testing Accessories

We have a complete range of test and tag accessories and consumables to compliment your portable appliance tester, from log books, tag removers, scanners, adaptors and much more. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us or call on 1300 656 938.

Tag Remover
This little gadget will make removing your Test and Tag labels a simple, safe and easy process.
IEC Adaptor to Figure 8
This Figure 8 shaped adaptor to IEC socket is excellent for power leads for multiple appliances.
IEC Adaptor to Clover
This Clover leaf shaped adaptor to IEC socket is excellent for testing computer power leads.
Test and Tag Log Book
A Test and Tag Logbook is used to manually record test results. The logbook has enough space for 100 appliances.
Large Plastic Transit Case
This Large Heavy Duty Carry Case is a great way to transport and store a range of different portable appliance testing accessories.
Small Plastic Transit Case
This Small Heavy Duty Carry Case is the perfect solution for carrying your test and tag essentials.
Marking Pen
This marking pen is used with synthetic materials, making it perfect for writing on test tags.
Insulation Cloak
The stainless-steel insulation cloak is ideal for testing double insulated appliances, you can wrap the mesh around the body of the appliance then connect your return lead to the mesh to get a reading from the appliance to your PAT tester.
USB Barcode Scanner
A handheld USB barcode scanner that is compatible with the FASTtag PC software. It allows you to scan previously tested appliances and locate them in the database. It comes with a 1-meter lead and is a quick and convenient option to scan and recall results.
Powercon Lead
This Powercon Adapter Lead is designed to allow those in the Audio/Visual Industry to test their industry specific leads, using any portable appliance tester.
Socket BT Scanner
This Socket Bluetooth Scanner has been specifically programmed to work with the Seaward Primetest Pro Kit.
Metrel BT Dongle
This Bluetooth dongle connects to the original Metrel Deltapat that doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity built-in. The dongle lets you connect to the Android app and Zebra printer which allows data recording and printing from your unit.
Single BT Dongle
The Metrel Bluetooth Dongle connects your Metrel DeltaPAT appliance tester to your printer.
Galaxy Tab A
This tablet is used in conjunction with Delta aPAT Pro Print Pack.
Metrel Soft Case
This soft protective case is designed to be used for the Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT. It can also be used to transport printable tags and accessories.
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