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Test & Tag Spare Parts

Here you'll find a complete range of test and tag spare parts and accessories, with everything from leads, batteries, probe kits, chargers, foam inserts and much more. 

NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
6 Pack of NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries suitable for specific Metrel and Seaward Testers.
Metrel Fuses
5 X replacement fuses for the Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 Portable Appliance Tester.
USB Lead
USB Lead for downloading data. Compatible with Wavecom, Metrel and Seaward Primetest Units.
4mm Lead Pack
A replacement 4mm Lead Pack compatible with the Metrel, Seaward, PAC and Kyoritsu branded equipment.
IEC Lead
Replacement IEC Lead compatible with ALL Portable Appliance Tester brands.
Wire Strippers
Used for stripping and cutting electrical wires.
Seaward Elite Replacement Leads
The Elite Lead Set compatible with the Seaward Primetest units.
Lead to connect the 3760DL Tester to the PAC OPT Printer.
Earth Probe Kit IEC
Earth Return Lead set compatible with the Aegis Patrol and Wavecom testers.
Zebra AC Charger
Power supply for the Zebra ZQ521 Printer.
Seaward Charger
Charging Unit and Batteries specifically for the Seaward Primetest 300 Tester.
Toshiba Charger
Toshiba charging unit suited to the Seaward OPTIMA II Direct Thermal Printer.
Seaward Primetest Fuses
Pack of 5 replacement fuses for the Seaward Primetest testers.
Seaward Elite Replacement Battery
A replacement battery for the Seaward Primetest Elite Portable appliance tester.
Primetest Elite Plus / Primetest Pro Replacement Battery
User changeable replacement battery for Seaward Primetest Elite Plus and the Seaward Primetest Pro testers
Elite and Elite Plus Pouch
A soft pouch that suits the Seaward Primetest Elite, Elite Plus, and Pro units, and gives sturdy protection from dust and spills.
Zebra Battery Replacement Lead
A replacement lead that connects from the Zebra TLP2824+ and Godex Printer to the external battery pack.
Seaward Power Supply Lead
A 240V power lead that connects to the Seaward Testers to perform leakage current tests and will charge the Primetest Elite and Pro range of units.
Zebra Battery Pack
This battery pack will allow you to have full portability when using your Zebra Printer.
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