Testers Between $1000 and $2500

Metrel DeltaPAT Starter Kit
This Metrel starter kit comes with everything you'll need to start testing and tagging, including the highly popular DeltaPAT 3309 BT appliance tester.
Kyoritsu 6205
The new Kyoritsu 6205 portable appliance tester is highly reliable and easy to use. This model now includes battery power and built-in RCD testing capabilities.
Trisan S8 DL
This Trisan S8 DL appliance tester is similar to Trisan S8 but comes with internal memory that can be downloaded to the PC, thus making data recording a whole lot easier. The Trisan S8 DL is a reliable and compact unit that is battery and mains operated, comes in a heavy-duty case for greater protection and is ideally used by people that require flexibility.
Metrel DeltaPAT 3309 BT
The DeltaPAT 3309 BT is an extremely powerful appliance tester that contains a large selection of unique features which will make testing and tagging an easy process. It's capable of conducting every test you'll need and can be easily used by people of all skill levels.
Seaward PAC3760DL
The PAC3760 DL is one of Seawards basic appliance testers that offers user-friendly operation and a great value option. Considering its price range it comprises of many useful features, such as being battery powered, RCD testing capabilities and is printer compatible.
Wavecom TNT Titan 10A
The new TNT Titan is the 5th generation of appliance tester from Wavecom. Available in 10 and 20amp load capacity versions, this unit also comes standard with a Telstra Tablet and the WinPATS Android App.
DeltaPAT & Godex Bluetooth Printer
Speed up your testing and tagging process with the new Godex Printer and DeltaPAT 3309 BT Tester. Using the Android app connect the printer and tester via Bluetooth and print tags on the spot.