Custom Test Tags Explained

Customised Test Tags are tags that has been modified to include specific information and design features of your choosing.

The most common features to include on a custom test tag label are a company logo, brand colours, contact information and test details. They perform the same function as a standard electrical test tag, but with the added benefits of avoiding writing details out by hand and increased brand exposure. 

What are the Benefits of Custom Test Tags? 

Custom Test Tags - Pre Printed Details


  • Save Time: Using tags that have your custom information pre-printed will save you a large portion of time during the test and tag process, when compared to using standard hand-written tags. You can include a whole range of different printed information on your tags (i.e. company name, contact details, item numbers, re-test dates etc.) the choice is yours. 

  • Test More Items: If you have high volumes of testing to complete, having tags with pre-printed information will allow you to move through the testing process much quicker, and ultimately allow you to test more items – which is a great advantage. This will also free up more time for you to complete other parts of the testing process as well.  

  • Cost Effective: Custom tags are also very cost-effective solution - it's typically cheaper to buy custom tags in bulk when compared to your standard test tags, which really makes your choice a no-brainer. If you're buying the minimum number of custom tags available, only then will it be a higher cost than standard tags.

Read our Case Study on how we helped the Reece Group with their custom test tag requirements.

How Can I Customise a Tag?

There are many different options to choose from when creating a custom test tag. 
We find the most popular design features to include are:
  • Logo and Custom Colours: Adding these kinds of branding elements are the best way to ensure your tag stands out. These features are an excellent way to increase brand exposure and repeat business. 
  • QR and Barcodes: Including a QR or Barcode can really bring your tag to life. You can use these codes to track the items you have tested, or direct your clients to other media or a website.
  • Variable Data: Adding your own custom text (like a business name, name of person who completed the testing and contact details) makes it really easy for your current clients to contact you for re-testing. Overall this will increase your chances of gaining repeat business when compared to standard tags
New to Service - Custom Test Tags
You can also choose the size, shape and material of your tags. How you want your tag to look is completely up to you, but we do offer 3 standard options to choose from. 
All-Purpose Light Duty Tags are ideal for high volumes of indoor use. This is a great tag to use for office environments and low traffic areas. This is the most economical tag solution.
Heavy-Duty Self-Laminating Tags are our most popular option. This is a great all rounder tag that is suited to both indoor and outdoor use. This tag includes a self-laminating flap to protect your information. 
Industrial Strength Tags are our most durable solution. These tags are extra-long wearing and best suited to outdoor use, in particular harsh environments - like construction or mining sites. 
All our products are produced with the latest digital printing technology and heavy-duty materials, so you can be sure that your tags will always be eye-catching and look professional. 

Custom Tag Printing Process

Custom Test Tags - Reece Plumbing

It’s really easy to create Custom Test Tags with us. 

We have developed a unique online Tag Design Tool – this tool allows you to quickly and easily pick which tag style and quantity of tags you would like, and create the artwork. This information is then sent to our production team who will proof and print your tags, and then ship them off to you.

Alternatively, you can always call or email, or even visit our showroom in-person, to speak to one of the sales team directly.  Our staff are always on-hand to help you create the right custom products.

View Online Tag Design Tool Here