Seaward PAC3760DL Guide

This guide contains helpful user manuals and software downloads, for the Seaward PAC3760DL portable appliance tester. If you can't find what you're looking for here, feel free to contact us or call 1300 656 938 - we are always happy to help!


User Guide

PC Software


How to adjust the Retest Period when saving tests to the Unit?

Press the Calendar button (top row middle button) and toggle to select the required period in months.

Why does the Unit show a 'HIGH Load' warning?

The appliance being tested is greater than 10 Amps proceeding with a Leakage Test may blow the fuse. It is recommended that the sequence is stopped and a standard Class 2 double insulated test is performed. If you wish to proceed, press the LKGE button.

Why does the Unit show a 'NO LOAD' warning?

The device being tested is either not switched on, or PAC3760 DL cannot detect that the appliance is plugged in. Make sure that the appliance is connected correctly and switched on.


Press Class 1 button to proceed with Class 1 test, the Class 2 button to proceed with Class 2 sequence, or the LKGE button to proceed with Leakage or run test.