Test & Tag Machines with Printer

For people testing equipment in high volume, it’s vital you’re using the correct test and tag equipment to help streamline the entire process. 

It involves combining a printer, scanner, and software together with your portable appliance tester. Each printer uses specific labels to print tags for you on the spot with the required information (no hand writing), while the scanner can recall previous test results for quick re-testing times.

Most notably, by integrating these items together, it’ll undoubtedly make your life a whole lot easier and lessen your overall workload. 

Printing Solution Comparison

  Price Mains/Battery Tag Type Used Scanner Re-testing

Seaward XL Elite+ Kit

$7,390 Battery Direct Thermal  Bluetooth Barcode
Wavecom TnP-500 $3287 Mains Thermal Transfer Wired Barcode
Wavecom TnP Prime $3990 Battery Direct Transfer Bluetooth Barcode
Metrel DeltaPAT Complete $3069 Battery & Mains Thermal Transfer Bluetooth QR Code
Metrel Pro Print Pack $3570 Battery & Mains Direct Thermal  Bluetooth QR Code


  • Mains/Battery: Battery power is more convenient if you're testing large facilities.
  • Tag Type: Thermal Transfer is a more durable and better suited for industrial environments, while Direct Thermal is generally cheaper to run.
  • Bluetooth/Wired Scanner: Bluetooth is a faster and more efficient way of scanning when compared to Wired because of its portability.
  • Re-testing: QR codes are a quicker form of re-testing when compared to barcodes, due to the way the information is read by the scanner. They can also store more information than single barcodes.

Seaward Printing Solutions

Seaward Optima II Kit

Image: Seaward Elite Kit

Primetest Pro

The Seaward Primetest Pro is a comprehensive test and tag unit that offers many of the same advanced features as one of our bestsellers Primetest Elite but at a slightly lower cost. The tester features an HD color screen, a QWERTY keyboard for easy data entry, Bluetooth capabilities, a built-in isolation transformer, and the option to run the tester on either mains or battery power.

The unit uses Toshiba Portable Thermal Printer that prints out Direct Thermal Tags only, meaning that the tags are susceptible to temperature and sunlight (not ideal for industrial environments). The printer showcases a rugged design and is known for its reliable performance that’ll last for a long time.

Elite+ Kit

New to the market, the Elite+ Kit is considered a top of the range printing solution that’s very simple to operate. The test and tag machine supplied contains a full QWERTY keyboard for quick data entry, colour screen for easy readability and a camera for all of your selfies!

The printer is considered more advanced than the Optima II Kit, as it allows for both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal tags. Thermal Transfer tags are a great choice for any heat sensitive locations as they're highly durable. It also comes with the high-end PATGuard Elite 3 software (compared to PATGuard 2 for the Optima II Kit), which offers additional control and automation.   

Metrel Printing Solutions

Metrel DeltaPAT Complete

Image: Metrel DeltaPAT Complete

Metrel DeltaPAT Complete

The highly comprehensive DeltatPAT Complete significantly speeds up your entire test and tag process. It conveniently comes with both mains and battery power for increased portability, and is capable of performing all tests required by AS/NZS 3760.

However, to get the most out of it, you’ll need to use an Android device to connect the tester and printer together (you can use the Android device for data entry via the devices onscreen keyboard).

The test and tag printer uses Thermal Transfer Tags to print QR codes, which is actually a faster method of re-scanning and re-testing. This is because QR codes contain the information within a scannable code, meaning it essentially stores all the information (saving you from re-entering the same data each time).

Metrel aPAT Pro Print Pack

The Pro Print Pack is Metrel’s newest addition to the market and is comparable to the Optima II Kit. Although it comes with all the added benefits mentioned with the DeltaPAT Complete, it also contains a more compact and durable printer that can print either Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer tags, along with a more advanced aPAT software.

This will allow for:

  • Upcoming test warnings on your smart device
  • Simple, custom auto-test creation
  • Remote control of tester
  • Data of appliances tested in different locations
  • Barcode or QR code scanner from your phone
  • Send data from your test site to the main office

The aPAT software is where this package really shines, as it’s basically an advanced data management system that allows you to customise the way you work in so many different ways.

Wavecom Printing Solutions

Wavecom TnP-500

Image: Wavecom TnP-500


Wavecom’s printing solution comes in the form of the TnP-500. It’s very simple to operate and comes with a QWERTY keyboard, printer and scanner (hard wired to the unit) and is all built into a rugged transit case for extra protection.

Interestingly, it’s a bit cheaper than the other options, mostly because it requires mains power to operate and doesn't include an Isolation Transformer for portable RCD testing. There is however the TnP-500B which contains a lithium ion battery that provides around 3000 items to be tested on one charge. We've also got a full comparison on all the different types of TnP-500 models.

In addition to the TnP-500, Wavecom also offer an upgrade for people wanting a wireless scanning option. So if you've got your heart set on a wireless scanner, the TnP-500W will offer that additional convenience.